Welcome to Mersa

"Good-evening fair traveler, welcome to Mersa! Come, please, take a seat. Let me fetch a maiden... Now, you wish to know of our humble beginnings?"
... spoken by Ardren Thistlebrough with a welcoming smile, yr 1489.
Mersa is an ever evolving fantasy campaign setting. We use the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rules. We have been playing and lovingly carving this campaign since June 2016.
Throughout this website you'll find a mixture of documents, files and writings all created for the purpose of our own entertainment. We don't aim to be perfectionists, we don't even care if we get things right in the eyes of others. What we set out to do is tell a co-operative story, to enjoy a social gathering of friends. It's a simple mission but one that brings us great joy and experience in many forms.