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Mersa History

In 1380 Mersa was a camp ground, a common stopping point for adventurers heading into the Iron Hills or Blackwater Swamp. Then the site comprised of tents, a few canvas covered wagons and a log hut that served as a tavern. The lake fishermen would trade barrels of minnow for coppers and dutifully spending it on local ale. Occasionally a wagon would reach the settlement with goods and materials.
In 1385 Polgar Stonebeard arrived with a caravan from the Iron Hills. He set up trade and began work brewing ale with the local wild apples. Word spread of this apple mead. Local fishermen baught it by the barrel and travelled it to the surrounding settlements (if any meade survived the long nights on the lake). Polgar aimed to stored a wagon load to take back to the Dwarven settlement of Aradenn Hall in the Iron Hills but his brew was only in small batches. During the months Polgar taught a local fisherman, Maneu Taulean, his brewing secrets. Together they build the Mersa brewery. The following years the two produced vast quantities of mead and exported it all over the region.
1393, the adventuring company of Mhjor Blackaxe arrived. The group was on a quest to find the Amra, the center piece of the Crown of Splendor, an artifact that drew the bearer to the levels of the gods. The group used Mersa as their base of operations and through their adventuring brought vast wealth back to the small town. Setin Leyrom, the company's priest of Lathander established a hospital to aid his company and the fishermen of the lake.
In 1399, the company's mission faced ruin, Setin Leyrom was murdered by Nyser "Eyebite" Ives, the company's burglar. During all their years adventuring the two had rarely gotten along. Rumors abound but in the face of mob justice Mhjor established his mayoral position in the hopes of enabling a fair trial. The former log tavern was converted in to a courthouse and Ives was tried. The people offered no mercy. Mhjor was forced to execute his adventure companion.
The years that followed were difficult for the town. Drow forces constantly raided farms and slaughtered cattle; it was later revealed that the Drow had also come looking for the Amra. In 1400 A century flood rose to the steps of the town making the south hills seem like floating corks. The town was cut off for two years. During this time the high ground was leveled and walls were build. Many tents were converted to solid buildings on higher ground. Barges were the only transport across the waters.
In 1405 the Amra was found. Stories tell that the artifact was retrieved from the deepest part of the Stillwater; so the local tales claim. The mission was over, the crown was remade and given to the safekeeping of greater powers.
1422, after the floods has receided the town was rebuilt. The keystone was discovered, a strange runestone hidden within the construction of the original town wall. None of the original company could say what the stone was. By this time Band Emersarth, the company's arcaneist had fallen ill and lay silent in his bed. He passed away without recounting the stone's meaning. Now the town carries on, most of the company long gone.

Current Year 1489

Mersa continues now thrives as a center of progress. The town exports enough fish and agriculture to be sustainable. Locally crafted items such as fishing nets, wood carvings and wrought iron are also sort after. Mersa is well known for its more unusual exports like rare spell components, exotic flowers and hides. While most towns rely on trade, Mersa has expanded socially and technically though the generous patronage of the adventuring founders. While most of these adventurers have passed their legacies still benefit the town.
Mersa is still run by Mhjor as mayor (Mhjor is humorously known as the "King Dwarf"; but rarely to his face) and an elected council of elders. The council is comprised of five seats each with a vote and a unique seal. As of 1489 Mersa remains an independent town.
The city of Yartar to the south has been in recent contact with a proposal to have Mersa join it's provinice.